Page 18 - Leitz Photographica Auction 36
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26  Leica III and IIIc outfit ‘Lothar Rübelt’                                     € 20.000 *
                   1936–42, condition B                                                       € 40.000 – 45.000

             A very interesting outfit from a famous Austrian sport   20 cm finder SFTOO, included in this lot is a copy of a letter
             photographer Lothar Rübelt, with a Leica III no. 275969,   from Mr Rübelt to Mr Theo Kisselbach mentioning both of
             Leica-Motor MOOLY no. 2637 (factory modified with a   these Leica Motors and a IIIc, an original letter from Mr Theo
             shutter release lock), Summitar 2/5 cm no. 563309, Leica IIIc   Kisselbach mentioning the Leica-Motor no. 2637 and the
             no. 383939, Leica-Motor MOOLY no. 5045 (factory modified   camera no. 275969, pre-war advertisement with a photo by
             with a shutter release lock), Summitar 2/5 cm no. 577880,    Lothar Rübelt, a large print of Mr Rübelt holding a Leica IIIc
             reflex housing PLOOT no. 3660, with Telyt 4.5/20 cm   with one of the motors, and two photo books: Lothar Rübelt
             no. 230253 (excellent condition, with hood and front cap),   ‘Sport’ and ‘Foto-Treffen im Schnee’
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