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             Leica Screw Mount Cameras

        1    Leica 0-Series Replica 10500          € 800 *  2      Leica 0-Series Replica Arces         € 1.000
             no. 676770, 2000, condition A–     € 1.600 – 1.800    no.  07-B, c.1980, condition A    € 2.000 – 2.400
        Original Leitz-made replica of the 0-Series Leica (with folding finder),   One of 31 replicas with folding viewfinder by Italian Alberico Arces, in
        in near mint condition, with papers                  mint condition, with short instructions and maker’s box Alberico Arces
                                                             was a precision mechanic and the boss of the local Italian Telecom
                                                             State Company’s ‘Telex repair and maintenance shop’. In this capacity,
                                                             he headed a small team of highly specialised precision mechanics and
                                                             had at his disposal all kinds of fine metal machining tools. In order to
                                                             keep his team busy, Arces had the idea to let them make UR-Leica
                                                             replicas based on drawings he had found. The result was so good that
                                                             he developed the ‘business’ with the enthusiastic help of his team. His
                                                             ‘Nullserie’ replicas existed nearly 20 years before the costly Leica ones.
                                                             Next to the normal or ‘brassy’ UR-Leica replicas, he made tubus and
                                                             folding viewfinder versions of the 0-Series.

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