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                                    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!Dear clients of Leitz Photographica Auction!Each vintage camera is a piece of history that reflects the style and technicalprogress of times gone by. Their purpose as tools of documentation adds to thehistorical relevance of vintage cameras—and so do the legendary photographerswho made use of these tools. Having passed through their hands, the devicesprove particularly attractive to collectors. Coveted pre-owned cameras are thefocus of our auction house this year.In this respect, Leitz Photographica Auction 43 offers two extraordinary highlightswhich promise to delight lovers of analog photography as well as fans of the Golden Age of Hollywood. On November 25, two black paint Leica MP cameras from the estate of Academy Award winner Yul Brynner will be auctioned.In the already elite circle of black paint MP’s, of which only 141 were produced,these two pieces enjoy extravagant status. Having been Brynner’s constant companions on set, the actor and photographer not only used them to capture his travels around the globe on 35 mm film, but also to document off-stage moments during the shoots ofhis movies, impacting on today’s flourishing behind-the-scenes genre. Some ofthe resulting photographs—including a shot of young Audrey Hepburn enjoyinga gondola ride in Venice—will be on sale on November 24 as part of our accompanying photography auction “Shaping Visions”.Other highlights of Leitz Photographica Auction 43 include a Leica M3 with theearly serial number 700027. The M3 is considered a milestone in Leica’s history, having been the brand’s first serially produced camera model with a rangefinder. The present exhibit was the 27th M3 to leave the Leitz factories and also has a famous previousowner—Günther Leitz, former managing director of Ernst Leitz GmbH.A broad variety of further sensational lots awaits you in our camera andphotography catalogs. We hope you enjoy browsing through them and look forwardto welcoming you at the auction on November 24 and 25—on site in Vienna, onlineor on the phone!Yours sincerelyAlexander SedlakManaging Director 
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