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 6   Leica I no. 165 ‘Ernst Leitz II’   € 40.000
 no. 165, 1924, condition B+   € 80.000 – 100.000
 An amazing discovery from the history of Leica — a personal   show that the camera was in the workshop on three occasions
 camera of Ernst Leitz II. Extensive research in Leica archives   and was upgraded several times to the final form we can see
 revealed that exactly this Leica no. 165 was delivered on   now. It comes with an unnumbered nickel Elmar 3.5/50 mm
 24.12.1924 to Ernst Leitz Junior. We can only speculate that   (coated optics), unnumbered FODIS rangefinder, two film
 it may have been a Christmas gift. A closer inspection of   spools and an ETRIN case. The only other camera of such
 the page from the delivery book reveals that the initial date   significance was the Leica 0-Series no. 102 that, according to
 written on the top of the page ‘1924’ has been later changed   the Leica archives, was also given to Leitz Junior. The offered
 to 1925. Camera no. 165 is the only one from the batch   Leica is the only camera ever offered for sale that belonged
 delivered in December; all the others have been delivered in   to the man, who in 1923 took the bold decision to manufac-
 June or February. This may indicate that it was the first Leica I   ture the Leica camera.
 Mod. A delivered, at the end of 1924. Factory service records
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