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                                    1013 Leica I Mod. B Dial Set €2.400Compur Model oversized replicano. 6182, 1980s, condition A– € 5.000 – 5.500Very rare oversized replica model of the Dial set Compur Leica, in mint condition, all features working, scale 1:1.6 (10×10×20 cm), with ‘Leitz Elmar 3.5/50 mm’ mounted in Compur shutter, interesting Leica replica cameras produced by a very skilled mechanic.14 Leica I Mod. C €1.000*Non-Standard outfit no. 53036, 1930, condition B+ € 2.000 – 2.400Rare outfit of the first Leica model for interchangeable lenses, early and original non-standardized mount, in good condition and working order, with rare matching Elmar 3.5/50 mm with feet scale, engraved with ‘036’, the 3 last digits of the body serial number, note theunusual swinging mask for 13.5 cm on front of the finder, with bakelite front lens cap, delivered to New York on 13.11.1930.15 Leica I Mod. C Non-Standard €1.000no. 41956, 1930, condition B/A € 2000 – 2.400Rare first model Leica for interchangeable lenses with non-standardized mount, in fine condition and working order, later speed dial type, together with early standardized 11’o clock meter scale Elmar 3.5/50 mm without a serial number, only showing some cleaning marks on the front element.16 Leica I Mod. C €6.000*Non-Standard outfit no. 52915, 1930, condition B– € 12.000 – 14.000An extreme rarity—complete Non-Standard set with body no. 52915 and three matching lenses (all engraved with ‘915’ on the barrel): Elmar 3.5/35 mm, Elmar 3.5/50 mm, Elmar 4.5/135 mm, in fine condition, with FOFER rangefinder in meter scale, VISOR torpedo finder, early-type WINKO angle finder, film cassettes, seven filters, everything in a large leather outfit case.17 Leica I Mod. C €7.000*Standard Elmaxno. 1106, 1926, condition A/B € 14.000 – 16.000A very rare original upgrade from an early Leica I Mod. A to Leica I Mod. C with standard mount, the camera was initially delivered in 1926 to Switzerland, it was upgraded during a repair at Leitz in 1931, still preserving the original Elmax lens, it is in excellent condition and comes with the earliest type ETRIN case, early film cassette box, and leather lens cap, the modified lens is perfectly compatible with modern Leica cameras.18 Leica Standard black/nickel €2.000*Consecutive Pair no. 101478+101479, 1932, condition B/A € 4000 – 5.000Two very early black/nickel Standard with consecutive numbers, a rare set (!), both in excellent condition and working order, with Elmars nickel 3.5/5 cm nos 143693 and 163798, both cameras were delivered to Berlin on 29.10.1932, the lens no. 143693 was delivered to the exact location on the same day, the lens 163798 also to Berlin one year later.19 Leica Standard chrome €400no. 333378, 1939, condition A/B € 800 – 900Quite late body in particularly beautiful and almost mint condition, only showing minimal signs of wear on the top and base plate, with matching chrome Summar 2/5 cm no. 346116 with early coating (front lens cap), with FOKOS rangefinder and leather case (showing signs of repair).20 Leica Standard chrome ‘N-L’ €300no. 300185, 1938, condition B/A € 600 – 700An uncommon variant of the Standard chrome, engraved with the ‘N-L’ on the finder for the Leitz agency Odin in the Netherlands, in very good condition, the speed dial has been replaced, with body cap, delivered to Odin, Nijmegen (the Netherlands) on 29.10.1938.
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